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I’m going to switch up gears a moment here.

I enjoy cooking “country meals” for my family. One pot meals that are simple and don’t tend to take a whole lot of time. One of the problems with that, sometimes, is that the food cooks fast so the food doesn’t have enough time to really flavor up, so to speak.

Here’s my solution to the problem.
This stuff is a miracle spice. It works in everything from scrambled eggs to pot roast. I’m telling you, Jane’s Krazy Mixed Up Salt is an essential. Before I found this website, I’d scour the grocery stores and buy up all the Jane’s they had whenever I found it. Sometimes I had to go without…and when that happened nothing tasted right.

If you see it in the store, or feel like ordering it from the website, give it a try. I don’t think you’ll be sorry.

The much beloved Maurice Sendak book is coming to life this fall in a theater near you! I didn’t even know this was a project. I remember this book vividly from my childhood. As I’m sure is the case with many people of my age, it was one of my favorites. I’m really excited about this film, but as is usual when I hear that they’re making a movie of something I love, I have a sick feeling in my stomach. I’ll go see it and try to give it the benefit of the doubt, but I managed to be disgusted with LotR: FotR, so I know I’m pretty darned hard to please.

Where The Wild Things Are trailer online.

Google is at it again. They’ve taken GrandCentral, which was a pretty nifty service that allowed you to give out one phone number and have that one number ring your landline, cell phone, and your work phone and made it one better. You can now use GrandCentral (which has recently been upgraded and named GoogleVoice) in conjunction with a Gizmo account to use your computer to call regular phones for no charge!

I’ll be completely honest and admit that I really don’t understand exactly how all this works. I know you have to have a GoogleVoice account and a Gizmo account. Here’s some instructions on getting them to play nicely with each other.

I used this service to call my mom over the weekend, mostly as a test, and it worked flawlessly. I think I’m in love.

Why didn’t I think of that?

Proving that you don’t need Google’s billions or the BBC weather centre’s resources, the four Spanish students managed to send a camera-operated weather balloon into the stratosphere.

Taking atmospheric readings and photographs 20 miles above the ground, the Meteotek team of IES La Bisbal school in Catalonia completed their incredible experiment at the end of February this year.


Team leader Gerard Marull, 18, said: “We were overwhelmed at our results, especially the photographs, to send our handmade craft to the edge of space is incredible.”