Once or twice a year, a novelty headline emerges about a picture of Jesus or the Virgin Mary showing up on some devout person’s toast. The discoverer generally gets their 15 minutes of fame, some casino or crazy collector pays way too much money for said item on e-bay, and the story goes away. But one day soon you will be able to inscribe a complete message from Jesus, or Satan, or yourself on your daily bread.

If that’s too religious right for you, perhaps you’d be more entertained by drawing your favorite Dilbert cartoon on your toast, an inspirational quotation, or just a loving message to your significant other. The sky’s the limit with the…well…it’s just in the concept stage and I don’t think it actually has a name yet. But I’ll be paying attention to Brookstone’s website, as I’m positive this will contribute to the breakfast of the future!

His crime was looking up the truth. Now you too can see our solar system in much the same way Galileo did. You even have the option to get a Galileoscope already built or as a kit to share with your kiddos. If you haven’t been outside with them recently to look at the stars, please do. Astronomy is often a child’s first introduction to real science. I’ll never forget my husband sitting down with our son when he was about three, using a paper plate to explain non-Euclidian geometry with him. Did any of it stick? Nah… But it’s the conversation that counts.

There’s probably going to be lots more really cool stuff coming out this year having to do with astronomy, since it’s the International Year of Astronomy and all. Which is pretty darned nifty in and of itself.

What could be more relaxing than wiling away the time building a model ship.  How about taking it down the local pond and sailing it around with a dozen of your closest friends?

Just watch out for these people…

The MWCI is a model warship combat club. They build 1/144th scale replicas of warships, load them full of bb’s and then zip around ponds shooting at each other. They game in shallow ponds so that the ships can be retrieved, patched up, and sent back to the battle.

Sound fun? Events are held year round all over the United States. There are other model warship combat clubs, but I haven’t found anything outside of North America. Canadians might be in luck, although websites for their activities are slim.

update: The Australians are in on it, too.

Brian Koehler has a great page on the hobby, including video from past events and pictures of ship building.

(P.S. Thanks to Kevin Inscoe for reminding me about this. We went to an event years ago but lost track of the local club. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon with the family.)