As money gets tighter and people get more worried, we’re all looking for ways to become more self-sufficient. Here’s a great website offering some supplies that will allow you to do just that. Now, fermentation is not just about wine and beer (though that’s cool in and of itself). It’s also about pickling and canning, too. And all of these are ways to stretch a dollar, if you have a little room to plant a garden.

Ok, I’ll admit it. All of this is just a way to lead into linking to a really cool show that kind of flew under the radar here in the states. It’s a bit dated, but still damned funny.

I’m going to switch up gears a moment here.

I enjoy cooking “country meals” for my family. One pot meals that are simple and don’t tend to take a whole lot of time. One of the problems with that, sometimes, is that the food cooks fast so the food doesn’t have enough time to really flavor up, so to speak.

Here’s my solution to the problem.
This stuff is a miracle spice. It works in everything from scrambled eggs to pot roast. I’m telling you, Jane’s Krazy Mixed Up Salt is an essential. Before I found this website, I’d scour the grocery stores and buy up all the Jane’s they had whenever I found it. Sometimes I had to go without…and when that happened nothing tasted right.

If you see it in the store, or feel like ordering it from the website, give it a try. I don’t think you’ll be sorry.

I’ve recently taken a second job doing transcription work for a library in Australia. They have hours and hours of oral history sitting in their vaults that must be transcribed so it can be cross-referenced and used for research into the early 1900’s in the area. One of the most interesting parts of this job is listing to people’s memories of the Great Depression in Australia.

In a bit of synchronicity, my husband recently stumbled across Clara on YouTube. She has a popular online cooking show in which she shares Depression era recipes and her memories of growing up at the time. Clara’s also preparing to release a DVD and a cookbook of her recipes. With the recent economic downturn, this seems particularly timely.