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In an attempt to tap into Web 2.0 Doritos is running a special new promotion linked to their “Late Night” category of chips. I have no idea if these chips are any good; I tend to stick with the old fashioned original, or sometimes the cool ranch variety. I do dig cool things, after all. If you like Blink 182 or Big Boi, your exclusive concert courtesy of Doritos is just one purchase and a webcam away.

RUDY WILSON: And all you’ll see is the bag and all of a sudden the bag will rip open and explode.

On your computer screen, that is. Then, punk band Blink-182 busts out with its song “The Rock Show.” And if you move the bag of chips around in front of the webcam, you can get the video to do things. The technology’s called “Augmented Reality.”

WILSON: So if you’re watching this concert, you can twist it and turn it, you can get really close and pull it back. But if you actually start pushing it up and down or moving it around, the backstage will actually start to crumble.

And if the crowd of Dorito-eaters huddled around your PC shouts loud enough, the band plays an encore

Now, I’m not a huge fan of either band and don’t have a ton of desire to try these oddly named Doritos (let alone a webcam), but the idea of an interactive concert on the Intertubes sounds pretty darned nifty. If I had a webcam, I might even buy the chips just to see this thing. And that, I expect, is the point.