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Most of us bibliophiles have been there, especially those of us who are sci-fi/fantasy types; we’ve fallen in love with a series. Maybe we found it at book one some lonesome October night and have been waiting anxiously for the next installment. Perhaps we were lucky enough to discover the series after a few books had been written and now the wait for the next is becoming excruciating. Some authors are very good at setting a schedule and keeping to it (one book a year in each series, come hell or high water. Thank you Jim Butcher!). Others not so much (12 years between books 3 and 4. Jean M Auel has been nominated for the hall of shame). Those of us who love George R R Martin have been waiting a bit. Some are getting so frustrated that they’re writing screeds to Neil Gaiman. As Neil pointed out so eloquently, and John Anealio put to music, George R R Martin is not your bitch.