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ASCii art!

I’m old enough to almost sort of remember when :-) first came on the scene. That cute sideways little guy has gone through a lot of changes, to the point where now he’s a flashy graphic that might actually laugh at you, or even stick out his tongue! :P

It occurred to me tonight that there’s an entire generation out there who probably never handed someone a —-`–,—@ or a [_]) and would probably never even think to ( * )( * ) someone! o_0

I find I’m a little saddened by that. It’s not that it’s great art. In fact, some of that really early simple ASCii art is…well…pathetic insofar as art goes. But it showed a creativity on the part of the typist in getting their point, and their emotions, across. And while walking down memory lane, not only did I come across lots of history, from ancient (you know, around 1980-mumble) to modern, I found a couple of really nifty websites dedicated to ASCii art.

And we’re talking some REAL art here, not pathetic boob shaking emoticons. First have a look at Joan Stark’s outstanding ASCii cartoon art. Afr

After that, have a go at turning your face (or any other photo you like) into an ASCii portrait. When you’re done playing with that, you can peruse numerous ASCii art galleries out there, of which this is just one.

So, take a moment to reflect on the humble little :-)
He’s come a long way, baby.