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My apologies to everyone who was relying on this blog to find cool things to look at/read. I could blame the fact that I haven’t posted anything in weeks on my back, and that would be partially true. The truth of the matter is that I’ve been sucked into one of the oldest computer games that’s still in active development. Yes, there are probably older games out there, but they’re basically dead – they haven’t been updated in years. For the VAX geeks among us who may not have heard of Nethack, it’s like Moria but WAY better.

If you don’t have anything better to do for the next 6 years or so, have a go at some Nethack. It’s open source and available for just about every platform out there. There are 2D skins that you can use rather than the old ASCII dungeon maps, which I highly recommend. The one I’ve been using is Vulture’s Eye. I have no idea if it’s available for Windows, so if you happen to find a Windows graphic interface for it, feel free to post it in comments for the non-Linux-geeks out there.

Ok, so I’m hopelessly behind the times. But I’m 39, darnit, and it takes me a while. I’ve never seen a puzzle game quite like this one. Before you ask me for hints or help, let me warn you that I’m not going to be much assistance. I’m sitting here looking at the level 6 page. I knowhat the alternative is, but haven’t found what it’s an alternative to, so I’m still looking!